What Type of Funko Pop Collector Are You?

What Type of Funko Pop Collector Are You?

Each collector has their own way of enjoying their hobby, and some do this in rather different ways. Collecting has its own exciting appeal, but each collector has a unique way of procuring their Pop!s which makes the experience enjoyable for them. We’ve decided to name a few of the different archetypes of collectors, and describe how they like to partake in the whole collecting hobby.


The Aggressive Collector

While some people like to collect as a relaxing hobby, others take the experience very seriously. The Aggressive Collector is always out for the most intense hunt possible, and doesn’t let any get in their way. They are often seen as the enemy to more laid back collectors, since they aren’t afraid to push someone aside in order to get what they want. They are ready before the stores open, and will be prepared to wait for hours just to get their hands on their desired collectibles. While other people don’t want to rush ahead of the line, the Aggressive Collector isn’t afraid to look a bit foolish in order to get what they want. They have a competitive streak in their personality and are completely prepared to fight for what they want.

The Aggressive Collector knows when to arrive at what stores, and likely calls ahead to figure out when their item will arrive. They are always in pursuit of their next grail, and are eager to get what they want. They take their collecting experience very seriously, and know that the early bird gets the worm.

The Specialized Collector

The Specialized Collector only collects from very specific lines that they enjoy. They have likely been collecting for a long time, and have sold off a good portion of their collection. This person has gotten bored of branching out, and simply wants to narrow down their collection. They enjoy searching for a few specific lines that they like, and will only collect those items. They might enjoy Disney, or even Star Wars, but they want to narrow down their collection to those specific lines. They most likely enjoy keeping their Pop!s and other collectibles together in an organized fashion.

They appreciate collecting their favorite lines, and will often search for a long time in order to grab the ones they like the most. They will likely sell off some of their other items in order to purchase the more rare items that fit into their collection.

The Eclectic Collector

The Eclectic Collector (say that five times fast) likes to collect a little bit of everything. While some people only collect specific Funko lines, the Eclectic Collector (I just like saying it) enjoys whatever strikes their fancy in the moment. They often display their items in a way that doesn’t really seem all that organized to others, especially the more OCD style collectors. They will grab whatever they like, even if it isn’t something that would fit into their collection. Sometimes they find themselves excited by the hype of a new item, so they will be eager and happy to purchase it.

The Eclectic Collector enjoys branching out, and will purchase all kinds of different items. They might enjoy Pop!s for a moment, but then find themselves more intrigued by the mystery minis lines. They enjoy being able to grab whatever they like in the moment, whether it is valuable or monetarily worthless.

The Value Collector

This type of collector really only cares about the more rare and valuable collectibles. To them the items simply aren’t worth purchasing unless they hold a higher value. They want the most rare Pop!s and enjoy searching for the hard to find items. While some people simply collect what they personally enjoy, the Value Collector wants the collectibles that hold a much higher monetary value. This doesn’t mean they want these items to resell, they simply enjoy finding what is hard to snag. They like the thrill of holding onto an item that not many people seem lucky enough to find. There is something exciting about finding the rarest collectibles, and having a collection that is filled with Chase or grail Pop!s.

Some people scoff at the Value Collector, but it is simply another way of enjoying the hobby. They aren’t doing this in order to make money, they often keep these valuable items for a long time. They simply enjoy having a collection of the rarest and most difficult to acquire items. They find it exciting to have these collectibles that not many others are fortunate enough to possess.

The High Roller

The High Roller isn’t afraid to spend money in order to get the Pop!s or collectibles that they desire. While some people spend their time and energy searching for their collectibles, the High Roller prefers to purchase them from sellers. They often don’t have the time to go around hunting, or wait all morning for a store to open. Instead of spending their energy and hours hunting, they prefer to just spend their money.

When the High Roller wants a Pop! they will simply acquire it from a seller. They aren’t afraid to spend the cash on their favorite collectibles, and are willing to do so in order to get what they want. Their collections are often filled with the rarest and most amazing collectibles, making others salivate over it. The High Roller may not spend their time hunting, but they do spend their money. Their mail calls are always impressive and fill viewers with envy at the sight of them.

The Modest Collector

The Modest Collector doesn’t care about the value of their collectibles, and simply hunts for the ones they like. Instead of obsessing over the rarest new Pop!s they go after their favorites. They enjoy collecting certain lines, and will snag whatever they can at their local stores. They get lucky once in a while with a somewhat rare find, but only purchase it if they enjoy that line. They might not have a collection filled with the most valuable items, but they do have a collection of their favorites. They enjoy what they have and simply collect for the fun of it. They aren’t obsessed with the rarest items, but they will grab something special if they can.

The Hype Collector

The Hype Collector only grabs the items that are the most popular in that moment. They enjoy going after whichever Pop! or item that everyone is raving about. They get excited about the unique and new items, and often end up with far too many Pop!s in their collection. The Hype Collector gets caught up in the trends and the latest must have items. They enjoy being able to snag whichever item everyone else is talking about, and likes being able to flash their scores to other collectors.


These are some of the more specific types of collectors out there, with their own unique MO. We all have our own way of enjoying our hobby, some a little more aggressive about it than others. Sometimes it can be easy to judge how someone else enjoys their experience, but they are simply different than we are. The best way to make the most out of the experience is to not get hung up on how you should or should not collect. Whichever type of collector you are, just make sure to enjoy your hobby however best suites you. Good luck on your hunt folks, and keep on popping!

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