Top 10 Most Detailed Funko POPs

Top 10 Most Detailed Funko POPs

We all have our favorite POPs- some that are already in our collections, others we simply wish we could obtain. Funko can get lazy sometimes with the details in their POPs- while other times the effort they put into their creations is astounding. Here is a list of the top 10 most detailed Funko POPs ever made.


Gandalf- From the Lord of the Rings movies, Gandalf is not only an amazing character, but he is also and incredibly detailed Funko POP. This recent release has some incredibly intricate designs, especially within his face. You can see every little wrinkle, making him deserving of a spot on this top 10 list.


Cruella and Ursula (2 Pack)- A more recent release, done for the fans who know they can never quite afford the older versions- it is actually much more detailed than the original POPs. Both of these villains have incredibly well-crafted features, and you can actually see the emotions in their little POP faces. This is certainly one of the most detailed POPs we have seen.


Vampire Spike- This POP is actually the chase version of the original Spike POP, but it is much more detailed. With Spike vamping out, you can actually see each wrinkle around his eyes. You also cannot miss his adorable little vampire fangs sticking out from his mouth. This is an amazingly detailed POP, making it perfect as a chase version.


John Wick (Bloody)- Another chase version, the bloody John Wick has some amazing details. The way the blood is splattered on his face, actually looks almost identical to how it does in the movie. How incredible is this detail? We are certainly in love with how much time they took to ensure that this POP came out as badass as the character from the films.


Aughra- The Dark Crystal POPs are actually some of the most intricate POPs ever made. Funko creators certainly put a lot of energy into ensuring that no detail was left out of these figures. Aughra is one of our favorites, since she is certainly very well made. Just take a close look at her face and all of the tiny little details that Funko put into making her.


Pluto- The Disney Treasures boxes are actually proving to be quite well made, especially the POPs inside. Pluto was not expected to arrive in the Festival of Friends box, and was a very welcomed surprise by fans. He is incredibly well made, with a great amount of detail put into his creation. He actually looks identical to our cartoon favorite Pluto. It might be simple details that make Pluto so amazing, but they are there nonetheless.


Prince John- The details in this POP are amazing, especially for a somewhat older POP. If you look closely you can see each individual ring on his finger, and each gem in his crown. This is one of our favorites simply because of the effort and time that must have been put into making it so magnificent.


Demogorgon (Common and Chase)- The Demogorgon monster from Stranger Things, is definitely one of the more detailed POPs created. Both the chase and regular version have a great deal of intricacies that make them incredibly well made POPs.


Frodo Baggins (Cursed)- The chase version of this Frodo POP has some incredible details, especially around the eyes. It is a well colored POP, and is one of the best ones created. Funko is certainly stepping up their game when it comes to putting detail into their POPs.


Ghost Rider (Glow in the Dark)- This Ghost Rider POP has some absolutely awe-inspiring details. Not only does it glow in the dark, it also is perfectly crafted so that the glowing elements don’t obstruct the original detail of the POP. This is certainly one of the most well made POPs, which explains why it is so pricey.


Which POPs do you wish had made this list? Let us know which are your all-time favorite and most detailed Funko POPs ever!

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