The Best Places to Trade Your POPs

For POP collectors, trading can actually be an excellent way to acquire the collectibles that you desire. Some of the older POPs can be rather difficult to find, and might even be on the pricey side. Trading with other collectors can be a great way to get what you want, and to also give someone else what they want. Instead of having to purchase your wanted item at a higher price, you can trade your valuable POP in exchange for someone else’s.

The Best Places to Trade

Now that you realize you want to trade some of your POPs, finding the right place is your next step. A great way to begin trading is by joining some of the Facebook groups. There are various groups on Facebook that have built great communities for trading, buying and selling your Funko items.

Start by joining some local groups, since most places have smaller groups in your area for this. Then you can branch out and join some of the larger groups. When you join a larger group for trading, you are likely going to have to ship your POP, instead of just do a local meetup. This can be a bit more difficult, but is still completely doable. Facebook groups provide a great place to get to know other collectors, and to even keep track of some new POPs that are coming out.

Craigslist can also be a good place to trade your Funko POPs. Try posting photos of the POPs you want to trade or sell, and also post an ISO (in search of) list, stating which POPs you are looking for. This is great because it is done locally, and you won’t have to ship your POP or worry about the added hassle of potential scammers. Just make sure to always be safe with your local meetups, and find a place to trade that is not too private or risky.

Conventions and events can also be great places to trade with other collectors. Not all conventions allow this, so you need to look into the rules beforehand. There are some places that actually hold local events specifically for POP trading, a good way to find these places are in the various Facebook groups. There are occasionally events held where you can bring in your POPs that you want to trade, and other collectors will do the same thing. It is also a great way to get to know some other collectors, since you share the same passion. Some comic book stores actually host trade events, which gives you a chance to swap your POPs.

Reddit can also be a good location to find other individuals looking to trade. You often have to sift through the potential scammers, and always request the appropriate photos and information. You can also find local people here, which can be a much easier way to trade.

How to Trade Safely

Trading can sometimes carry a risk of getting scammed by less upstanding individuals. It is important to take precautions in order to avoid losing your POPs to a scammer. If you have to ship your items to one another, there are certain steps that should be taken.

First, you want to make sure that the other individuals you are trading with shows the appropriate photos of their POPs. They should have a card next to the POP that states the current date and their name. It can also be helpful to ask them for photos of the POP next to them, or next to a household item. It isn’t a sure way to be safe, but it is a step in ensuring that you do not get scammed.

Next, you can check the various Facebook groups to see if that person has done any trades or sales with other people. Once you find their trade history, you can communicate with some of the people they have traded with. This is often a great way to get more information on the trader, and find out if they have had successful trades or sales with other people. Someone who has done zero trades, and seems extremely hesitant to ease your worry- is often (but not always) a scammer. Don’t be afraid to ask for security, since no one deserves to be taken advantage of, even over a collectible.

When purchasing POPs you should always use PayPal good and services, since you will get your money returned if the person does not send their item. Taking these precautions are important steps in ensuring that the POP collecting community stays safe and positive.

How to Package Your POP

It is also important as a trader or seller, to ensure that the item you are shipping does not get damaged. Always take care to package your POP safely, and with enough bubble wrap or packing materials to protect it against damage. Over packing can also cause problems, so make sure your item is snuggly wrapped, but not too tightly.

Now that you know the best places to trade, you can take the next steps in finding your grails. POP collecting is a fun experience, but trading can be even more exciting. There is nothing more satisfying than helping someone else to get the POP they want, while also receiving what you want in return.

Good luck hunting Funko collectors!

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