The War of the Boxes- In Box Vs. Out of Box

There’s a war going on in the POP Funko universe. The war between the in box collectors and the out of box hoarders. I’m totally kidding, there is no such war and most people don’t really care how others like to maintain their obsession. But there are many people who have their own personal reasoning for keeping their POPs in or out of their original boxes. So what are the pros and cons of in box and out of box (OOB) collecting?
First let us take a look at what makes in box collecting so great and why you should consider collecting this way. In box collecting is not solely about the potential value of your favorite POP figures, it is about much more than that. Although, there is a definite plus to knowing that your potentially value increasing POPs will be in perfect condition if you ever consider selling them in the future. It is also important to consider that you may not want to keep all of these POPs in the future, especially as your collection grows larger. Knowing that you can always trade for a more desirable POP, is a comfort that in box collectors often experience. Besides the obvious pros of in box collecting, there is also my personal favorite. Some of us are just a little OCD, and in desperate needs of a gorgeous organized collection. I hate feeling like my POPs might get damaged or become flawed because I take them out of their protective little homes. I enjoy keeping my POPs are perfect as when I purchase them, snuggly settled in their flimsy little boxes. As a collector I realize the cons of collecting in box, but I also realize the pros are most definitely worth the cost.
You’ve heard the best parts of in box collecting, so what are the pros of being an out of box collector? OOB collectors often express that they enjoy collecting purely for the joys of possessing their favorite POP characters. They have no cares of concerns for the potential value of their POPs, and truly just want to enjoy the experience of collecting. There is certainly a carefree mentality to being an OOB collector, something that requires a more laid-back personality to enjoy the experience. There are also the bragging rights that OOB collectors get when they can share photos of just how amazing their POPs look. When you collect out of box, you get to experience the details and beauty that each little POP figure contains. There is nothing covering up the details of your figures, making it a rather enjoyable way to collect. As someone who has held a few of my POPs outside of their box for mere moments, I can attest to just how amazing they look outside of their cozy boxes.
There is also a third option for collectors who see the pros of both in box and out of box collecting. There are some people who enjoy keeping a collection that has both in and out of box POPs. They often display a portion of their POPs inside of their boxes, keeping them safe from outside harm. These collectors also enjoy having some of their POPs sitting outside of their boxes on the shelf. This makes for a very attractive and unique display of their collection. Keeping doubles is also an option for when you want to keep the value of your POPs but also want to enjoy what they look like outside of their boxes.
So regardless of how you like to keep your POPs stored, the important part if that you are enjoying your time collecting. There is really no better way to collect, just do whatever works best for you. Let us know what your favorite way to display your POPs is in the comments. Also don’t forget to contact us via our social media accounts on Twitter and Pinterest. We love to share your tweets of your amazing POP collections. Happy hunting, POPers!

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