The Chase- The Thrill of POP Hunting

As a collector there is that one magical moment when everything comes together so beautifully. You’ve been on the hunt, driving from store to store, forcing your legs to push past their exhaustion after a long day of work. You know this is crazy, searching for that one special piece that will make your day somehow brighter- but you do it anyways. Because it’s the thrill of the hunt, it’s the excitement of the chase. Non-collectors just don’t understand that feeling when your eyes lock with that one perfect POP for your collection. Your heart stops and the adrenaline rises, your hand lunges for the box before your brain can even process what is happening. The thrill and excitement you feel at that moment is truly irreplaceable. For a collector that magic moment makes all of the stressing and hunting worth it.

So maybe it isn’t quite that dramatic for every collector, but some of you understand what I mean. Finding that cute little POP that you have been dreaming of for days, is a rather exciting experience. Nothing beats being able to place that POP on your rack and display it in its full glory. We all know the thrill of the chase, what it means to go searching for that one perfect piece. So what does it mean when you are searching for a truly rare item? One that is limited edition and rather uncommon to find in the wild. Funko likes to call these beasts the “Chase” variants, and oh do they torture us with their exclusivity. These aren’t your regular run of the mill POPs- oh no my friends- these are something much more rare. The Chase POPs are even more exceptional than those store exclusive POPs that we all enjoy scavenging for. These POPs are special because they aren’t just exclusive to a specific shop, they are special because they are limited edition. Each POP has a different rarity level, some like the recent Independence Day Alien Chase is a 1:6 chance of being found. Knowing that these POPs are even harder to find than some of our favorite exclusives, makes them even more desirable. Knowing that only so many people are going to be lucky enough to snag one of these beauties, makes the thrill even more intense.
It is about much more than just finding the rarest POPs for a true collector. There is something so excited about being able to find your favorite pieces and placing them in their rightful place on your shelf. Whether it be a common you have been hoping to find, or the rarest Chase that you just NEED in your collection- we all love collecting for the pure joy of it. So stay safe out there POP hunters and good luck finding your favorites!

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