Funko POP Collecting Terms

Funko POP Collecting Terms: Knowing the Lingo

If you are a beginner in the Funko collecting world, some of the terms can be a bit confusing. Some of the lingo is rather easy to pick up, while other things might throw off someone who hasn’t been collecting for very long. In order to simplify things for you, we have compiled this list of Funko collecting terms.



A chase is a variant of a regular POP that is released, but it is much rarer. It will usually be slightly different than the original, making it unique and harder to come by. It will be limited to a variant like 1:6, but sometimes there are even rarer chases that are limited to 1:8 or higher. These POPs have a sticker on the front which indicates that they are a special chase version.



A grail simply indicates that it is a very desirable POP. Grails can sometimes be lower valued, because they are simply the POP collectors most wanted item. Whatever POP you are on the hunt for the most- that is your grail.



Flocked POPs are- for lack of a better word- fuzzy. They are regular POPs covered in a layer of what appears like fur. This is great for animal POPs, making them look like they actually have fuzz on them.



Easy enough to understand- some POPs come in a metallic variant.



A green or brown film, causing the POP to appear bronze-like.



Exclusives simply mean that the POP is only available at a specific store or event. These POPs often have stickers to indicate which store they come from. Places like Hot Topic or GameStop, often have popular exclusives.



GITD simply stands for Glow in the Dark. There are plenty of desirable glow POPs, some of which are actually chases.



This is simply the shorthand for San Diego Comic Con- which is a comic convention located in San Diego. There are often many exclusives available there, some of which are shared with local stores on the day of release. Of course some of the POPs available are limited to a small number, making them only purchasable at the convention itself.




Proto means prototype- these are just sample or model versions of the POPs. These are often hard to come by and can sometimes be won in Funko contests and giveaways.



Freddy Funko

Freddy Funko is essentially the mascot for Funko. He is a character that they created, and the POP versions can become extremely expensive and hard to find.



This stands for out of box, which is how some collectors like to display their POPs. While some people prefer to keep their POPs inside of their boxes, partly because it keeps the value higher- others enjoy taking their POPs out of their boxes.


This means “or best offer,” which is often used when selling POPs. A good way to acquire vaulted POPs that you cannot find in stores, is often to buy from trusted sellers.


For trade- this is another way to acquire POPs that you can no longer buy in stores. Some people enjoy trading their POPs with other collectors- but this requires certain steps to help keep you safe from being scammed. Online Facebook groups can be a great way to connect with other avid POP collectors.


For sale- simple another term for people who are selling their POPs online or in the various Facebook groups.


New in box- this just means that the item is brand new and has never been taken out of the box.


This indicates that the POP is in perfect condition and does not have any box damages or dents.


Limited Edition- this simply means that there is a smaller number of these POPs made.


Numbered are even rarer than the limited edition POPs. These are set with a specific number, and it is often labelled directly on the sticker. These are usually convention exclusives, but some store exclusive POPs are also numbered.

In the Wild

In the wild simply means that the POP was found while in a store or at an event. These POPs were not acquired through trade, or by purchasing from a seller online.


This stands for Hot Topic- which is a store often seen in malls. They always carry POPs, and in some cases they get exclusives and chases.


Barnes and Noble- this is a store that also cares exclusive Funko POPs.


GameStop- a gaming store that also cares POPs.


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