Funko POP Fallout Collection

Entire List of Fallout Funko POPs

One of the greatest things about being a Funko collector, is that it crosses over into our other obsessions. For fans of Fallout, these POPs are certainly must haves. As a personal fan of the game franchise, I love collecting as many Fallout related items as I possibly can. Here is the complete list of these gorgeous figures, and good luck to anyone hoping to collect them all!

A large portion of the Fallout Funko POPs are different versions of the Vault Boy. Some are just golden or glow in the dark, while some are different POPs based on the perks in fallout. These are certainly a great way for Funko to keep the Fallout POPs going, and it also is something that collectors will keep buying in order to complete their collections.

Vault Boy

Glow in the Dark Vault Boy

Vault Boy (Toughness) Hot Topic Exclusive Mystery POP

Vault Boy (Medic) Hot Topic Exclusive Mystery POP

Vault Boy (Charisma) Hot Topic Exclusive Mystery POP

Vault Boy (Adamantium Skeleton) Hot Topic Exclusive Mystery Chase POP

This was released as a mystery blind box POP, and was technically the chase version from the set. It glows in the dark, and was released to hot topic.

Vault Boy (Gold) GameStop Exclusive

Vault Boy (Locksmith) Play and Collect Exclusive

Freddy Funko Vault Boy

This piece was creating for San Diego Comic Con Funko Fundays and is actually the highest valued Fallout POP ever. It is limited to 400 in creation, and is certainly a desirable figure for Fallout Funko collectors. It is priced at close to $200. For anyone who does not know what a Freddy Funko POP is, they are created based on the mascot of Funko, and are often variations crossed over with other genres.


Power Armor (Brotherhood of Steel)

Power Armor (Black and White) GameStop Exclusive

Power Armor T-60

Power Armor T-60 (Green) Hot Topic Exclusive

Power Armor (Unmasked Female) GameStop Exclusive

Power Armor (Unmasked Male) New York Comic Con Exclusive

Power Armor (Gold)

This gamestop exclusive is one of the highest valued Fallout pops in existence.

Power Armor X-01


Dogmeat (Flocked)


Super Mutant

Feral Ghoul

Glowing One (GameStop Exclusive GITD)

This is actually one of the more valuable Fallout funko pops. Possibly because it is a POP that truly SHOULD glow in the dark. It was a Gamestop exclusive released in 2015.


Lone Wanderer (Male)

Lone Wanderer (Female)

Sole Survivor 


Liberty Prime

Liberty Prime (Battle Damaged) Gamestop Exclusive


Codworth (Battle Damaged) Target Exclusive

Nick Valentine


Paladin Danse


This list is the current Fallout Funko POPs that have been made and sent into circulation. For fans of the game franchise, there are certainly more POPs to be made. For example, there are a few companions such as Deacon, Cait and Curie that fans of Fallout 4 want to see made. For now though, these are some awesome POPs that will make nice additions to your Fallout merch collection.

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